Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Another Busy Day!

So ..... today has been one of those days just FULL of fun calls and of course full of lots and lots of cum! That's my favorite thing, to make guys cum! I really want to run it down for you with a few of my highlight calls from the night :)

First there was this one caller, who I really love to talk to. I love all the things I do to him. I love how he gets sooooo excited and so turned on for me. I made him jack off in his car! That is always so hot!

Next there was my lovely little puppy who loves for me to boss him around and tell him what to do. You know what I did with him? I made him pull out 3 credit cards, put them on his desk, get on cam and I made him blow his load all over his credit cards! Just for me, his favorite Princess!

Then there was this one caller .... I made his balls hurt soooo bad, not letting him cum as I continued to talk to him and get him more and more turned on. I told him why his balls hurt him, especially when he talks to me. The sound of my voice really does him over and makes him hard and makes his balls fill up with cum! This of course makes him ooze pre-cum for me, which I love! Finally he couldn't take it anymore and he screamed like a girl as he came for me lol That was hilarious!

Finally my last highlight was a caller who I love talking to ... we always have some hot role plays together. Of course he's married so he has to sneak away to do calls with me but that's fine by me. Tonight he was sitting in his truck and there were a lot of people around so I told him, not to take his dick out lol I told him to play with it in his pants and to blow his load in his pants for me. Hmmmm and that he did! We got our little role play on where I played the bratty girl next door and I made him cum in his pants! It was super hot! 

I love making guys cum .... in every way possible! Maybe that makes me a cum whore, I'm not one to really care what it makes me. It feels good and I'm going to keep on doing it. So give me a call and I'll help you cum too!


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  1. I read this blog and asked her about making that guy cumm on his credit card. I told her I thought that was strange so she decided to make me do it. Wow was it hot. Now that's all I think about. Oh and she drained the card before she made me explode all over it.