Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This Weekend ....

So this weekend I went out with a few of my friends. Of course I was looking pretty effin hot!!! I know you will agree because you know I am always hot! We went to this club and this black guy started buying me shots and drinks and I got a little bit tipsy! I love that almost drunk feeling. It's that feel good feeling that I wish would never end. It's so hard to maintain that too cuz you either keep drinking and get drunk or you sober up. So since I was feeling so good, I decided to do something crazy. I looked to the black guy who was pretty hot and had HUGE hands and feet! I was like, "One night stand much?" LOL He caught my drift, took me to the back room and he plowed my tight white pussy with his BBC! OMG I loved it like crazy! Of course afterwards, when I was trying to walk back to my girls, feeling my stretched out pussy, I thought of you! I thought ..... hmmmm I know that one of my sissy sluts would have loved to try and take that BBC in their mouth! Maybe next time! I did get his number!